Week-end at the beach 05-09

young teen boy in speedo with a bucket

Bucket one

dark-haired teen boy with a black speedo swimsuit and a water bucket playing on the beach

Bucket two

Young little boy playing on the beach with rubber boots and many water buckets. He's wearing a white adidas cap and blue boxer swimwear briefs

Bucket three

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Week-end at the beach 05-08

dark-haired young shirtless boy in black speedo on a rocky beach

You rock !

young blonde boy in color swimsuit looking for something in the clear water

Found something ?

long haired blonde boy with nice abs and chest walking shirtless on the beach with a black shorts

Hey cutie !

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Week-end at the beach 05-07

blond boy shirtless on the beach playing with the sand and wearing colorful shorts

Building his castle

blonde boy digging into wet sand on the beach. he's wearing no shirt and a necklace

Dirty legs

blonde boy digging the sand beach in white shorts

Another digger

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Sand boy 17-02

blue eyed boy shirtless

Click for larger view !

shirtless boy playing with sand

Wanna play with ?

boy playing with sand and making faces

Mom! he’s looking at me !

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