Thoughtful 06-12

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Thoughtful boy in blue swim shorts on the beach

At the beach

thoughtful young teen boy in the streets wearing a brown shirt and blue jeans

In the streets

thoughtful teen boy tearing his white shirt while walking along the river

By the river

Which one do you prefer ? #thoughtful--06

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Hot wednesday 04-20

hot young teen boy in white underwear with his legs in the water

Refreshing water

young model boy with pulling down his jeans shorts

Stop or I won’t be able to post the picture

young boy in green underwear showing off his feet

Nice foot

Which one is the hottest ? #hot2004

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Teen mix 04-07

shirtless teen boy wearing blue jeans at the gas station

Hold on

teen boy diving in a swimming pool with red speedo swimsuit and swim glasses

Go !

shirtless teen boy with fun hair

Sexy hair ?

Which one do you prefer ? #teens0804

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