Hot sunday boys 03-20

young boy in red jockstrap underwear with one hand on his ass

Wanna touch ?

young teen boy in grey underwear lying on a chair

Wanna feel ?

cute young boy in blue underwear stretching his leg up like a gymnast

Wanna train ?

Which one do you prefer ? #sunday2003

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Faces 03-16

young boy with brown eyes and a sweat shirt

Brown eyes

blonde boy with green eyes wearing a red nike shirt and a red adidas cap

Green eyes

Shirtless blonde boy with blue eyes

Blues eyes

Which one do you prefer ? #faces1603

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Boys are the best #1

Young boy daydreaming on the beach

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Cute boy with blue eyes and sunglasses

Don’t hide such beautiful eyes, boy !

Shirtless boy with a superman tattoo on his chest

Superboy ! Click for larger 🙂