03-01 Imgur doesn’t like Mitenka

I have issues with pictures’ hosting. Looks like imgur don’t show pictures on Mitenka but the links seems to work fine only through the widget (pictures were not deleted on imgur).

It seems Mitenka is sort of blacklisted by imgur so I wont use it for new posts.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to change all the old ones right now but you still can click on the links to see the pictures through the link. Very sorry for this.

I’m working on it and doing some more tests right now. Thanks for your support ūüôā

02-21 – Results of the ¬ę¬†Do you want more…¬†¬Ľ poll


OK guys ! So you want more older teens, more butts and more shirtless boys ? I’ll see what I can do for you !

Older teens 45%. Well. I have nothing against posting boys older than 15yo but it is definitely not the main theme of this blog. However, as people asked for it, there will be more of them, but don’t expect hairy armpits cause there won’t be any ūüėõ

Butts 39%. I must admit I voted for this one too. I’ll do my best to find and post more nice little ballons, you can count on me for that !

Shirtless boys 37%. Well… I think most of the pics here are shirtless ones. So it won’t really change, and that’s good news !

A few people also asked for HQ (23%) and Models (18%) too so I will post HQ model pics from time to time. (next time in a few days, get ready !)

It seems that you’re not much willing for sport or faces (10%). Well, I like soccer boys and cute faces so I’ll keep on posting them, but I promise : Teens, butts and shirtless boys first, I promise !