Maximilian, a great artist 03-15

Le Petit garçon parmi les étoiles, Vy canis majoris

Le Petit garçon parmi les étoiles, Vy canis majoris

Here’s a few illustrations made by Maximilian, a great artist who enjoys « the beauty of young boys without vulgarity but without hypocrisy » and I think it fits Mitenka just as well as the other boys pictures here.

Work by Maximilian, italian artist

Tarots « Le Fou » 2014

He has made different series of acrylic works : Tarots, calendar, stars, zodiac… etc. all with boys or boys related !

Le Calendrier d'Orfila, Septembre

Le Calendrier d’Orfila, Septembre

If you wanna find more of his work, contact him to buy his illustrations or anything else, just follow this link to his Facebook page here.

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Black and White 09-03

thoughtful boy with a lollipop in his mouth

Thoughtful (click)

young boy in underwear writing a letter bending on a table

Writing to his friend

shirtless boy with tribal signs on his arm

Tribal (click)

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